Specializing in Complex Valuations

We provide economic assessments for private and public clients in complex situations, including cost/benefit studies, business case development, and more recently studies of cost savings, or valuations of businesses. The core issue in each endeavor is to measure the risk-adjusted net value of a project, asset or enterprise.

Competence — Valuation of start up businesses or business valuations needed for ownership split or understanding the value of a key asset of a business to support sales negotiations.

Experience — Training, as well as 20+ years of economic consulting regarding economic valuation. Breadth of experience includes measuring cost of pollution, value of a Marin County housewife, and the business value of an ethanol production plant.

Credibility — A unique aspect of Stephenson Valuation Economics — our ability to involve economists, accountants, and statistical experts in an engagement if needed. Credibility is paramount to us.

For cases involving litigation, go to www.litigationeconomics.com.

Business Valuation. Business valuations typically involve the use of a standard, such as fair market value, and may involve aspects of three approaches to measuring business value. Valuation Economics staff are familiar with and use widely accepted methods of business valuation with special attention to various types of risk.

Patent Valuation. Increasingly firms are coming to understand the key role that intangible assets, especially patents and trademarks, play in the value of the firm. Valuation Economics provides assessments of these assets for use in strategic planning and/or transactions.

Real Estate Valuation. Real estate is a type of physical asset and can be valued as such. In a tenant/landlord dispute, Stephenson Valuation Economics assessed the business values of multiple uses of a 400 acre parcel, including vineyard, golf course, housing development and spa/hotel.

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